6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly


There are many ways to go green, and not all of them require huge investments of money. Going green means simply finding a means to help the environment and you can aim at doing that at just about any time. If you want your home to be eco-friendly, first you need to be prepared to make some sacrifices – if you want everything to be green, then you should stop using your car so often, for example. Being willing to face reality and handle the transition to eco-friendly as a grownup who is ready to do whatever is needed to provide a safe and healthy home for his or her family. Not everything involves sacrifice, of course, but what most things do involve – and require – is dedication. And here is what you need to dedicate your time to:
#1 – Insulate the House, Keep the Warmth In
Heat rises and eventually escapes the house. This is what you should seek to avoid by insulating your home. Make sure the heat stays in (or out, if it’s summer) and that you can keep an even temperature in the home. With thus regulated temperature, you do not have to use energy wasting appliances to do it instead. Also, insulations can be done with recycled materials, so there is nothing expensive or un-eco-friendly in this.
#2 – Buy Recycled Furniture Instead of Brand New
When you are out shopping for new furniture, you do not have to go to the most expensive store in town. Find a place with a green label; find furniture made out of recycled materials. These will be cheap, and at the same time the quality of the material means that they will be just as comfy as the rest of the possible options. All you are doing in this case is sacrificing some aesthetical value for the same comfort at a better price for an overall better product.
#3 – Invest in Solar Panels or Another Renewable Energy Source
This one is not that cheap, but it does pay out in the long run. Many people today are investing in solar panels and making use of the only infinitely renewable energy source the Earth knows: the sun. Save some money to get solar panels and see how much better life can be when your home is powered by solar energy instead of the one you have to pay for. This type of energy does not add to pollution either.
#4 – Use Thick Curtains at Windows and Doors
Another way to keep the home green and the living inexpensive is to keep the curtains drawn and keep them thick. If sunrays cannot enter the home, then there won’t be a need to turn on the AC unit, or fumble with the thermostat. Your rooms can be kept cool by simply using your curtains smartly and then drawing them back at night, when you can let the night breeze enter your home.
#5 – Reduce Paper Waste and Paper Use
Going paperless is one of many pieces of advice that people give when trying to help someone go green. And going paperless means going digital. Since everything can be done from a computer screen anyways, why even bother with paper? No paper means less need for trees to be cut down, less pollutants in the house, less money to spend on paper, and less waste disposal to be done. Do everything from your phone or computer monitor and see that life without paper is not that hard.
#6 – Compost All the Food Waste
And if you have a garden, then you don’t have to throw away the food waste and contribute to the landfills. A much better idea is to make a compost heap and throw out the organic waste there and make a nice fertiliser for your garden.

The ways to go green at home without spending that much are numerous. With these you will get the most immediate results, so do the modifications to your home and see it as it grows into the eco-friendly fortress you have always wanted. Teach all these values to whoever is willing to listen as well.