5 Smart Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles are one of the bothersome things you throw out most often from your house. They are also among the top pollutants in landfills. Plastic is the worst offender in the un-eco-friendly environments and often times that comes from the use and consequential disposal of plastic bottles. We buy bottles on a daily basis and throw them out quickly after we are done, without giving a second thought to what happens with them after that. Well, here is what happens: the plastic degrades and emits vapours that do not work well with nature. And to avoid this, here are five ways to do your plastic bottle disposal properly:
#1 – Send to Recycling Centre
Maybe the best thing you can do is keep all bottles in a bag or box, or just about anything and when you have too many, call a rubbish collection service. Have the clearance company take the plastic bottles to where they will be used to do something good instead of being harmful to the environment.
#2 – Read for Specifications
There are some bottles that have their own preference of recycling. Read the bottle’s label, or read what it says at the bottom. Every bottle should have specifications about its recycling, whether it would be with twisting it and dumping it in a recycling bin, or throwing it out without the caps, or the type of plastic it is – yes, there are different types of plastic, and they require different treatment.
#3 – Use for Decoration
Decor is a big area that plastic bottles can fit into. Some of the many DIY projects which can be done with bottles are exactly making a variety of decorations or useful containers, such as pots, or columns for a planter decor. The options are truly endless and only your imagination can limit them.
#4 – DIY Projects
And speaking of DIY, plastic bottles are also the source of many DIY projects! If you have the imagination and creativity, you can create all sorts of things from the bottles. And even if you don’t, there are websites such as Pinterest, which will tell you exactly how you can use the bottles and have a much prettier or more practical homestead.
#5 – Use as Storage
And of course, you can always use the plastic bottle as their intended purpose: to store something inside. Homemade wine or other alcohol, bolts and screws, soil for your garden, salt, sugar, or other spices – the options are as many as your you can think of.
Make use of any of these methods and keep the home eco-friendly by learning how to treat the bothersome plastic bottles. Learn to do proper recycling instead of just deciding on waste disposal or find their place around the home, and then do it to keep the surroundings green and your home a healthy place.