10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle


Putting life back into the trash is the fundamental behind recycling. This rubbish is generated from every household and could be removed and reused with minimal cost overhead. The returns, however, are very high. Rubbish removal prices have a deep economical impact on waste management.

1. Batteries:

Batteries used in remote controls, instruments and toys appear as e-waste to be disposed of at landfills, but are good recyclable wastes.

2. Crayons:

Crayons used to draw and color pastels are one great stuff to reuse and recycle.

3. Jeans:

Jeans could be used in many innovative ways. The pockets could be used as holders and the jeans material being very strong could be used in various scenarios.

4. Shoes:

Many companies take used running shoes and recycle them into newer usable shoes that are equally comfortable and robust.

5. Phones:

Cell phones are also not the e-waste that cause considerable damage. Although not all of it, but many parts of it can be recycled.

6. Mattresses:

The mattresses used to sleep on can be recycled since they contain lots of organic stuff and easily decomposable component.

7. Bulbs:

Glasses in the bulb could be melted and remolded into any container. The bulbs could be decorated to add ambiance to the room.

8. Backpacks:

Backpacks made up of jute are completely organic so recycling them is not an issue. However, the backpacks made up of cloth materials could be reshaped into any decoration or usable material.

9. Pipes:

Used pipes can be reused to give reinforcement to any substance. Leaked pipes could be a perfect match for these jobs.

10. Cars:

Cars and Jeeps could actually be used for spare parts and the metal is precious. Any automotive could be of great value if looked from that point of view.